CLEANSED - An incremental game about light.

Move using WASD, Arrow Keys, or the On-Screen Buttons (mobile only). To interact with a tile (cleanse or open GUI), run into it twice in a row.

If you're on an iPad (and don't have a keyboard handy), you'll probably need to request the mobile site.

Release date Feb 25, 2021
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Average sessionAbout an hour

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I dont even want to play anymore LOL

Why do i have >2e15 glass shards?!

Nifty concept. I like it.

When i beat BR1 (Buffed Run 1) and try again on BR2, it just puts me in the finished BR. Same for BR3. On BR4, it started all over again where the starting production of a glass shard is 16 lmao

I beat the game!!! Going for Buffed Run 1...


shards are multipied by 2?

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@Yhvr Whats buffed in buffed runs

Buffed Runs: BuffsShards???
Buffed Runs: Effectidk???
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double shards that stack 

for example the first run you get 1 shards and 2 on the second but 4 on the third and 8 on the fourth

yes i get 1024 base shards with no luck from the luck increaser thingy

and i got 1e15 glass shards


Why does the automation^2 upgrade say "Pick up shards the instant they appear" ? It should say "Pick up shards instantly when they appear". Its more obvious.

And I play a Fan Game:

I'm a Chinese. I just Find this Chinese web address.


It's English name is “Resource Starve”.

It's a good game. I'm done. Spoiler:







Made by Yhvr

Made for IGJ 2021


还是外国小游戏有趣 means Still interesting foreign games LOL

Wow. You are the coolest! You know Chinese. (And I say foreign(外国),mean here)(Look this parentheses)


when i open the shop, the x doesnt work because when i clic,the scroll bar just scrolls,and when i press esc,my i turn fromfullscreen to windowed good game btw

So if I understand correctly, when you try clicking the X, it overlaps with the scroll bar. Have you tried clicking the X on the far left to maybe try and avoid the scroll bar?


I think I need to cleanse those [6]s (and maybe [7]~[9]) with 0.2 million shards per second.  I can't find anything new after the luck increasing thingy. Am I missing something important?

I have 6 shop upgrades, 4 luck tokens and max sweep upgrade.

There’s nothing much after luck tokens iirc, just grinding out tiles mostly Did you get the [5]s at the bottom of the map?

I think it’s also kinda broken on mobile, in case you’re playing on a phone. Can you scroll down in the shop? There’s 9 total upgrades there.


Yes, I am playing on mobile.

I couldn't scroll the shop screen under the 6th upgrade. 

But anyway I'm enjoying this gawn again on PC and this time it seems to be working good.

Anyway, thank you for your support!


Shame you can only reset (buffed) once... I would have replayed until it was a joke reaching the final node... such an enjoyable little game...


You should be able to do unlimited buff resets. If you can’t, then that’s a bug :(

Whenever I tried, it put me back in a fully unlocked map gaining billions of light per second... but it DID start with the opening brightness that tells you about the game for a few seconds... I tried running back to the endpoint and picking again, but no change...

First time I did it, it put me in a fresh run with 2x light gain... 2nd/3rd time it just put me back in the finished buffed run...

Huh, odd–maybe try a few more times? If I remember correctly, there’s a chance that it could save the game after you’ve started to reload the page.

it still gives the 2x gain


Very enjoyable. I would love to see this worked on more and expanded!


More of a mining game than a light game.  Still, quite enjoyable, and the "light" aspects don't detract from it.

vry fun